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We are a company with that provides the complete branding solution offering comprehensive services aimed at creating and maintaining a strong brand image for your business. This includes services such as market research, brand strategy development, logo and visual identity design, signage, vehicle branding, wraps and graphics solutions, events and display products, website design and hosting, advertising and promotional design and print materials, and ongoing brand management. The goal is to help a company establish a clear brand identity and messaging, and to consistently communicate this to its target audience across all their touch points. The ultimate aim is to build brand recognition and customer loyalty, ultimately leading to increased success and growth for the business and it's future.

Talk to us today about your requirements, we can offer advice and guidance, coupled with expert knowledge, quality design through to superior customer service and prestige finishing.

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Watch these short instruction videos for quick answers.

Wrap at Goodwood Festival of Speed UK.

Car Wrap to a BMW i8 at the Goodwood Festival of Speed UK. The Vehicle Wrap took place on the 3M stand where we were teamed with 3M. Showcasing the vastness of materials our design abilities and application skills.

Vehicle Wrap for 3M UK & Fast Car Magazine.

Car Wrap UK Colour Change for 3M Wraps UK & Fast Car Magazine. Full Vehicle Wrap in 3M 1080 Satin Thunder Cloud. Including full wrapping of door shuts to both sides of the car.

Range Rover Sport Full Wrap.

Complete wrap colour change inside and out to this Range Rover Sport in 3M 1080 Satin Flip Glacial Frost and Avery Mirror Silver Chrome.

Audi R8 Full Wrap.

Full wrap colour change to this lovely Audi R8 in 3M Flip Psychedelic, including doors shuts.

Vehicle wrapping

Below are just a few of the most common questions.
Vehicle wraps consist of vinyl wrapping material that utilises adhesive backing to adhere to the surface of your vehicle. This vinyl can come in various colours, prints, and styles, offering versatility in customisation. Whether it's cars, vans, trucks, or even boats, these wraps can be applied to nearly any type of vehicle. There are two main types of wraps: full wraps and partial wraps.

Full wraps cover the entire vehicle, while partial wraps cover a percentage ranging from 50% to 75%, depending on the customer's preferences and budget. Vehicle wraps serve multiple purposes. They can be utilised for stylistic enhancements or as a marketing tool for promoting businesses. Promotional wraps often feature a business logo, contact information, images, and other branding elements. To safeguard against sun damage, these wraps are typically coated with a protective UV laminate. On the other hand, consumer wraps are designed to create a visually impactful effect, making a bold statement to captivate viewers. These wraps are primarily used for aesthetic purposes rather than for commercial advertising.
So the short answer here is NO. Vinyl needs a smooth solid flake free surface to stick to. The process of application would also be impossible if the paintwork or lacquer isn't in good condition, as during the application process we may need to apply and lift and reapply the vinyl.

The bodywork would needs to be smoothed out and sanded back before we can apply a new wrap. We do not offer paint or body repairs - this must be something that is completed prior to us being able to provide you with our wrapping services.
It is a common misconception that vehicle wrapping is a cheap alternative to respraying your vehicle. This NOT the case. Vehicle Wrapping is a bespoke high end product and service which enhances and individualises your vehicle.
The pricing of vehicle wraps can vary significantly. Generally, for a medium-sized car or van, a partial wrap typically ranges from £250 to £600, while a full wrap can cost between £1500 and £4500+ all depending on the vehicle type, size and the design as well as the coverage required. In comparison, billboard advertising can be considerably more expensive, reaching up to £600 for just a two-week period.

Vehicle wraps offer excellent value for money, providing both aesthetic appeal, brand awareness and protection for your vehicle. When getting a vehicle wrap, it's advisable to inquire about UV laminate protection. This additional layer helps prevent fading and minimizes wear and tear caused by UV rays, ensuring your wrap remains in optimal condition for a longer duration.

It's difficult to provide all the cost examples as there are so many variables in providing vehicle wraps and commercial graphics. Click the button below to get a quote.

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Vehicle wraps when looked after correctly and with proper maintenance, will last up to five to seven years depending on the brand, colour and finish of the product.
When installed, applied, and removed correctly by a skilled professional, a vehicle wrap should not cause any harm to your paintwork. In fact, it may even contribute to extending the lifespan of your vehicle's paint by reducing its exposure to damaging UV rays. Moreover, a well-fitted wrap should not lead to water damage or initiate any rusting on the vehicle's body.
While wraps cannot provide complete protection against chips, swirling, scrapes, or road accidents, they do offer some defense against gradual wear and tear. Vinyl wraps can help prevent paint cracking, weather-related damage, and safeguard your vehicle from harmful UV rays. Although they cannot prevent all forms of damage, they contribute to the overall preservation of your vehicle's appearance over time.
When a vehicle wrap is applied correctly by a professional wrapping service, it should be relatively easy and quick to remove without leaving any residue or causing peeling. However, it is important to adhere to the recommended time frame for removal and replacement. If a wrap is left on for an extended period beyond the 5-year guarantee, it may become more challenging to remove.

For the most efficient and hassle-free removal, it is advisable to seek professional assistance. While removing a wrap is generally a straightforward process, it can occasionally be more intricate than anticipated. If you have any doubts or uncertainties, it is recommended to consult with one of our advisors who can guide you through the process and help you book your vehicle wrap removal.
To ensure that your vehicle wrap maintains its optimal appearance, regular maintenance is necessary. This may require adjustments to your vehicle washing routine.
Dirt accumulation, particularly from bird droppings, can gradually corrode the vinyl wrap. Therefore, it is crucial to keep your vehicle wrap clean.

It is recommended to wash your vehicle wrap at least once a week, or more frequently if your car is exposed to significant amounts of dirt.
However, it is important to avoid taking your vehicle through a car wash, as the bristles used in the washing process can potentially damage the vinyl. Instead, it is advisable to gently wash your wrap using a sponge or soft cloth along with a mild detergent. After washing, be sure to thoroughly dry the wrap to prevent any potential rusting issues.
There are many benefits to having vinyl graphics or wrap applied to your vehicle, whether it's for business and advertising purposes, personal use or maybe just paint protection. Check out our list below: -

Please note: It is not a necessary requirement to inform the DVLA if you have had your vehicle wrapped, however it is highly recommend that you update your insurers with the specifics of the changes as it can be recognised as an upgrade.

• Highly Effective Advertising • Works on any vehicle • Easily Removed • Attention Grabbing • Reach a Wider Audience • It's Mobile 24/7/365 • Cost Effective • Local Advertising

• Eye-Catching • 3000 Eyes Per Hour • Versatile • Vehicle Protection • UV Stable & Durable • Preserves Value • Easy to Clean

Take a read of the full benefits of vehicle branding, wrapping and graphics via our blog post below.

Blog Post - Benefits


We provide all your vehicle branding services, wraps, graphics, sign-writing, detailing & PPF protection.

Vehicle Graphics
• Sign-Writing
• Vinyl Cut Lettering
• Basic Graphics
• One-Way Window Prints
• Striping & Detailing
• Magnetic Signs
• Custom Graphics
• Chevron Kits
• Reflective & Hi-Viz

• One off Vehicles
• Commercial Fleets
• Lease Vehicles
• Taxi Adverting
• Bus Graphics
• School Vehicles
• Trailers & Caravans
• Food Vans
• PPF Protection

• Digitally Printed
• Part, Half & Full
• Colour Changes
• Top Brands
• PPF Protection
• Custom Detailing
• Light Tinting
• Interior Wraps
• Design & Artwork

• Gloss, Matt & Satin
• Metallic & Mirror Chrome
• Camo & Candy Colours
• Prestige Vehicles
• Custom Detailing
• Carbon Fibre
• De-Chrome Kits
• Door Shuts
• Wrap Removal

We provide wraps for all vehicles.


Providing amazing opportunities for mobile awareness.

Vehicle wraps offer diverse branding opportunities for businesses across land, sea, and air. Providing brand awareness, service and business advertising and create trusted recognition. Various vehicles can be wrapped to serve as mobile advertisements and promote brand visibility. This includes cars, vans, trucks, boats, and airplanes.

Wrapping these vehicles with customised designs and logos helps businesses establish a strong presence and reach a wide audience in different locations and contexts.

Take a look through our huge non exhaustive range.

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Business Visual Development.


We are specialists in business start ups since 2003 - crafting seamless experiences.

Starting with design, our team of experts can help you create a unique and memorable visual identity for your business that stands out from the competition. This includes the creation of a corporate identity that includes logos, business cards, letterheads and other essential branding elements.

We also offer a full suite of signs and print solutions, including display graphics, vehicle wraps, marine and boat wraps, sign-writing, and advertising. These solutions will help you effectively promote your brand and reach your target audience wherever they are.

In addition to traditional branding and marketing solutions, we also offer websites and hosting services. Whether you need a simple website to promote your business or a complex e-commerce platform, we have the expertise and tools to help you achieve your goals.

For those looking to enhance their office space or building presence, we offer a variety of signage and branding solutions such as office frosting, window graphics, banners and construction hoardings. These solutions will help you create a professional and inviting environment that represents your brand and enhances the overall experience for your customers and employees.

We also offer event and exhibition solutions, trade services, and comprehensive business and personal brand packages to provide you with a complete branding solution for your business. Whether you're looking for a simple update to your signage or a complete rebranding campaign, we're here to help you achieve your goals and grow your business.

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